e welcome new patients!

There are generally three reasons for the first visit:

  • Pain, swelling or what we would consider a dental emergency. In these cases patients are seen as soon as they can get to the office. Whatever treatment is necessary to provide relief is given that day.

  • A consult for a specific concern or necessary treatment.
    Patients requiring a consult schedule an appointment with the Doctor to discuss and review treatment options. The various ways to resolve the concerns are discussed and every effort is made to ensure that the patient fully understands all of the treatment options.

  • A general checkup and cleaning appointment.
    Patients seeking a general evaluation and maintenance are scheduled for a cleaning appointment with the hygienist and an examination visit with the Doctor.

During the first visit:
  • The patient provides a health history and general information.
  • The Doctor does a full examination which includes charting of any problems, a gum evaluation and x-rays. Any immediate concerns or problems are discussed.
  • The hygienist performs Prophylaxis or cleaning.
  • A general recall interval is set up, at which time the patient will return for periodic cleanings and a routine dental examination.
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